Shipp & Mo's Thelon River Expedition

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From World-Class Malls to the Ha Ha Cafe

Page 3
300 Miles into the Barrens and No Canoe

Page 4
Rapids?  There are No Rapids on the Map!

Page 5
Historic Warden's Grove Cabins& More

Page 6
Waterfall Glade, Cosmos Lake, The Gap, Grassy Island

Page 7
Muskox, Hornby's Cabin & White Wolves

Page 8
Onward to Meadow Camp

Page 9
Windbound at Meadow Camp

Page 10
Little Buddy Camp & Big Buddy's Tracks

Page 11
Lookout Point

Page 12
Thunderstorm and
Tern Attack

Page 13
"If I Were a Grizzly"

Page 14
Windbound with 72 Geese.

Page 15
Lost! Find a Crushed Canoe

Page 16
Best Day Ever!

Page 17
Pick-Up Day

Page 18
Final Thoughts



Davidson, James West & Rugge, John. Great Heart. New York: Kodansha, 1996.  While not about the Thelon, a great story of tundra travel in Labrador.

Mowat, Farley, Ed. Tundra.  Toronto, Canada: McCelland and Stewart, 1976. Selections from early accounts of artic exploration.  Thelon R. is touched on.

Norment, Christpher. In the North of Our Lives. Camden, ME: Down East Books, 1989.
An account of a six person group's canoe trip from the Yukon to Hudson Bay.  They overwinter at Warden's Grove.

Pelly, David. Thelon, A River Sanctuary. Merrickville, Canada: Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association, 1996. Order:, general info on book:   The best book on the river.

Pitt, Kathleen & Michael.Three Seasons in the Wind. Vancouver, Canada: Hornby House Publications, 1999. An account of a trip down a longer stretch of the Thelon.

Powell-Williams, Clive. Cold Burial. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2002. The story of Hornby's tragic last trip to the Thelon.

Thomas, Alister, Ed. Paddle Quest. Erin, ON, Canada: Boston Mills Press, 2000. Has a chapter on the Thelon and many other ideas for future trips.

On the Web  The journal of Samuel Hearne, one of the earliest white men to travel in this area.  Although it has only a few references to the Thelon, it gives a fascinating picture of what the Barrens were like before the European invasion. The web site of the air charter company we used and recommend. A Canadian site loaded with routes, gear and forums.  A good article on what to take for tundra travel. An excellent report on a similar trip but with a different starting point, the Clarke River.  Another article by Bill Layman about what communications equipment he recommends.  Also has map recommendations for a longer trip on the Thelon and Elk. A report on a 26 day trip down the Hanbury and Thelon, ending where we did at Beverly Lake. A listing of all of Bill Layman's trips in northern Canada.  Well worth reading.

Bob Schaefer's Journal  A Journal of a 1970 trip from Great Slave Lake down the Thelon by Bob Schaefer who was a few days behind us.

Schaefer's Journal A journal from a 2002 trip.  He paddled down the Finnie River (and more) and joined the Thelon at Lookout Point.