Up a Lazy River
This is an account of my solo six-day trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, a trip that covered 13 lakes, 4 rivers and 28 portages totaling about 72 miles. Thirty-one hours quickly passed paddling and portaging.  It was a trip with varied weather and an abundance of wildlife sightings including eagles, moose, deer, and most importantly a wolf.

Here follows a list of the gear I took and a summary of each day's travels.  I have tried to keep track of my traveling times in hopes that this may be of some use to others planning a similar trip.  I have not focused on the weather since that changes every few hours.  I did not fish and cannot comment on that.  I recommend this trip to those who enjoy traveling isolated areas of the BWCA to observe wildlife and varied scenery and those who prefer small lakes and winding small rivers to large wind-swept lakes.
Echo Trail to Bootleg
Bootleg to Chad
Chad to Glenmore
Sewanee to        Ely
The LIttle Indian Sioux River looking South from the beginning of the portage to Bootleg Lake
Glenmore to  Otter
Otter to Bootleg
Bootleg to Home

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