Alaska Diary: Day 6
Alaska Diary: Day 6, September 5, 2001

We passed this day in the tent.  The rain that began at about 6:30 p.m. the day before continued all day with much wind.  We emerged for breakfast and supper.  It may seem weird that we spent to long in the tent.  But the alternative was much worse.  To be warm and dry and bored was infinitely better than being wet and cold and bored.  We read, we talked, we dozed.
My appetite up until now had not been good.  But staring at the inside of the tent for hours seemed to bring it back.  I needed stimulation!  I had delicious dinner of hashbrowns with cheese melted on top.  Hot chocolate followed for dessert.  Norm had a scary moment when he finished the second of two mysteries by Raymond Chandler he had brought.  I was enjoying River Horse by William Least Heat-Moon, which is the story of a trip from Manhattan to the Oregon coast by river, lake and canal.  I was only a third of the way through and we began to alternate reading chapters aloud.  We enjoyed it for the rest of the trip.
Night came.  The rain and wind continued.  It got colder.  We remained in the tent.

"Time passes slowly up here in the mountains"
                                                  --Bob Dylan
Our view of the pristine, remote Alaskan wilderness.