Alaska Resources


Adventuring in Alaska by Peggy Wayburn.  This book gave me the idea that the best way to see the Alaskan wilderness was by floating a river.

Alaska River Guide by Karen Jettmar.  Excellent.  But didn't mention the S-curve.

Backcountry Bear Basics by Dave Smith.  Just what the title says. 

Canoe Country Camping by Michael Furtman.  Aimed at the Boundary Waters but has good ideas about equipment and philosophy. 

Expedition Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson.  A great book.  We used many of his ideas.  It's aimed at AK and northern Canada.

GPS Made Easy by ? (Can't come up with its coordinates to give author).  Good information on GPS, doesn't have latest models but shows how to modify maps so that your position can be determined precisely.  Explains how to use "Topo Companion" device.

Reader's Companion to Alaska edited by Alan Ryan.  A good book to get the flavor of Alaska.

River by Colin Fletcher.  Good info on rowed rafts.  The author does the whole length of the Colorado by raft, alone.


Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures Use boats to get folks into and out of the wilderness.

Papa Bear Adventures.  Has equipment to rent and sell as well as planes and pilots.  We appreciated the guesthouse very much. They rent (and sell) bear cans, among other things.


Use a search engine and see what you can find.  I like

CanoeCountry.Com Their bulletin board gets you in contact with people who are primarily interested in the Boundary Waters but many have been to Alaska and are happy to share their experience.  To those that helped us, Thanks!

Paddle & Portage (formerly Hurley's Journal)  A quarterly publication about canoe camping all over North America.  Check out their site.  The news from Bethel, AK.  Has links to AK weather and a webcam of Bethel which seems to operate sporadically.

AK Weather Cams A great site to get a feel for the weather.  Our pilot used it to decide when to fly to Lake Kisaralik.  A great quarterly publication of essays, poems and art that attempt to express the wilderness experience.  The site gives a flavor of the publication.